Meet Our

Yoga Teachers



Carmen has been practicing yoga since retiring from a dance career in 2000.  She has taught students of all ages and has been focusing on athletes for several years. Her knowledge of the muscular structure gives her an edge to improve mobility and flexibility, allowing athletes of every sport access to speed and range of motion. She prepares different postures based on the sport and works hand in hand with a local physical therapist for injury prevention and recovery.

Carmen's teaching style reflects on her years of experience in teaching ballet.  Her teaching style is unique as she is able to assist beginners and intermediate students in the same class without compromising the practice of either.  Carmen's teaching style gives students a realistic way of getting into positions and will leave them feeling muscular release, as well as, improvements on core strength. 



Christine has been practicing yoga since 1994. She’s been teaching yoga since 2009. Christine has her certifications in adult, senior and children thru Beth Shaw’s YOGAFIT. She’s  taught at The SPFY as well as Berkeley Heights Y for the past ten years. She’s also taught privately and rented her own spaces at several locations in the area.


Christine has worked for Young Living Essential Oils since 2014. She runs wellness workshops to teach the benefits of using essential oils for a healthy lifestyle.  She has also received her Reiki Level 1 and 2 certifications within the past three years.


Christine’s practice has evolved over the years and she has made her focus on gentle and restorative yoga and meditation. She created Aroma Reiki Yoga in 2017 incorporating her love for yoga, Reiki and essential oils in order to help others benefit from the healing modalities that have helped her through her health journey. 



Lina is a student of yoga.  She is fascinated by the exploration of the internal world that yoga offers.  Her classes encourage students to connect deeply into the space of their bodies and breath.  Lina began her journey in yoga over 20 years ago and has been seriously practicing for the past few years.  She has studied with amazing teachers of this tradition and is especially grateful to Betsy Davis and Lauren Magarelli and the entire bunch at Bhakti Barn, where she received her 200 Hour RYT certification.


Lina found teaching yoga through her passion as a student.  Although things do shift, she wants to always continue exploring as a student and continue studying with amazing teachers and amazing people.  She is also present to how rolling out her mat reflects her life off the mat and where she tends to hold the more challenging aspects of this lifetime in her body.

Madeline D.jpg


Madeline discovered yoga in 2001 as a mother of two young children looking to add some exercise to her busy day. Through the years, yoga has brought so much more than exercise to Madeline’s life. Learning the power of breath work, mindfulness and gratitude has improved her life in ways she never thought possible. 

Inspired to share the positive impact of yoga with others, Madeline completed her 200 hour teacher training with Wendy Gross Pinto at the Yoga & Healing Center then became certified as a chair yoga instructor, training with Brenda Yarnold at Bella Buddha Yoga. In addition, she completed a restorative yoga program with Lauren Eckstrom Yoga. 

Madeline’s yoga classes mix a lively vinyasa flow with breathing techniques and mindfulness that challenge the body and calm the mind. Her goal is to have each student leave class physically renewed and mentally prepared to face challenges and enjoy life. 

With a strong belief that EVERYONE can benefit from yoga, Madeline teaches seniors, those recovering from injury/illness and those living with chronic conditions. To give these students access to yoga without getting down on the floor, Madeline modifies her classes to include chair-supported seated and standing poses. These classes promote increased flexibility and include time for mindfulness and relaxation, giving students a heightened sense of well-being.

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Mary has found that yoga and a healthy lifestyle have given her positive energy and balance, even in hectic times. She is passionate about sharing her love of yoga, good food and healthy living.

Mary has been a Registered Yoga Teacher since 2006 and a Registered Dietitian since 1993. There is a yoga path for every age and every fitness level and Mary enjoys encouraging others to tap into their own energy for optimal health.


Mary trained in Soul Sweat Asana with Wendy Gross-Pinto and is a certified Relax and Renew Trainer in Restorative Yoga through Judith Lasater. She is certified to teach kids yoga through Next Generation with Jodi Komitor. She currently teaches many styles of yoga including vinyasa flow, basic, gentle, chair, restorative and kids yoga.


Mary emphasizes the importance of taking time to unplug from our busy lives to slow down, breathe deeply, and move mindfully. When Mary is not teaching yoga, she enjoys cooking, reading, and hiking. She treasures spending time with her husband and three children, her extended family and friends and her favorite four legged pups Charli and Lacey.



RYT 200 hr

Other Certifications:
DoTERRA Wellness Advocate

Ruth has been practicing yoga on and off for pretty much her whole life. It started in middle school when surprisingly Yoga was offered as part of  phys-ed class.
As an athlete growing up She competed in gymnastics, played basketball and all sports in camp.  Loved swimming and diving and could always be found hanging upside down from monkey bars, doing cartwheels or climbing trees.

She eventually became a Spin and group fitness instructor and realized she  loved helping people find their potential through movement.

Doing  200 hr YTT with Betsy Davis at Bhakti Barn Yoga was a no-brainer. She then went on to do Kids Yoga Training with Betsy Dowling Stephens of Yoga Playhouse and Yin training with Naomi Pagan Fox of Hapori Yin Yoga.

She believes stepping out of your comfort zone is a must to live a full life and to bring out a deep connection to yourself.

Ruth’s classes are geared toward everyone.  Linking movement to breath is encouraged and a little Yin may show up if time permits.  Class always ends with a deep savasana  and  her signature savasana assist with essential oils.

Favorite yoga quote during class:
“You can always move into Child’s Pose”



Yoga has been a part of Sarah's life for over 10 years, and her practice has helped her grow stronger, more flexible and fearless, both physically and mentally on and off the mat. So much so, that it lead her to complete her 200-hour Vinyasa Flow training in the summer of 2018. Sarah loves to continue her education every time she steps on the mat and is a constant student of the practice, deeply grateful for the ongoing education and loving wisdom her teachers have shared with her throughout the years. Sarah also has certifications in Primordial Sound Mediation through Deepak Chopra and Master Choa Kok Sui's Pranic Healing.

In her classes, Sarah loves to combine creative sequencing, a spirit of playfulness and a dose of inspiration to help you deepen your practice, providing variations throughout to help students at any level. Sarah's goal is to help others thrive in life by nurturing their Soul, Lifestyle and Health through the practice yoga and mediation. Her hope is that you step off the mat feeling refreshed, nourished and balanced.

Sonia L.jpg


Sonia is a Certified Integrative Life Coach and Yoga Teacher who infuses her classes with mindfulness practices and practical coaching tools that help students make the mind, body, and spirit connection in order to empower them to live more authentic, inspired lives on and off the mat.

Whether through teaching yoga, leading coaching circles, workshops or retreats, she finds joy in helping others to “peel back the layers” of life that cover up our true light.  Her teaching style is gentle yet powerful.  She sees everyone’s amazing potential and will empower you to see it too.  You will feel strong on the outside and peaceful on the inside.

Sonia began her studies at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching where she studied and received her certification in Energy Leadership Coaching.  Shortly after she received her 200 hour RYT from Bright Spirit YTT and has since gone on to receive her Therapeutic Restorative Yoga Certification under Jillian Pransky and most recently her Yin Yoga and Reiki II certifications.

She continues to deepen her studies of yoga, spirituality and the mind/body/spirit connection by studying with teachers like Elena Brower, Bernie Clark, Pema Chodron, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and David Elliott.  She is grateful to be able to share all these healing modalities with the yoga community.  We’re all in this together.

Michelle W.jpeg


Michelle's classes are appropriate for all levels of practice. Her mantra reflects the nature of the true essence of Yoga; "ANY amount of the pose is the pose and always let the pose come to you rather than you chasing the pose...".  Michelle offers classical Hatha Yoga which integrates just enough Pranayama, Asana and Yoga Philosophy.  She always offers the right amount of alignment that is specific to you and always sees the highest in everyones practice.  Variations & modifications are always offered (and encouraged).  


Michelle was introduced to the Anusara lineage of Yoga in 1999 and has always maintained the Anusara philosophy.  It is safe to assume she will play Krisha Das in her class as well as many other kirtan artists.  Currently, Michelle is 1 of the lead teachers in the Sutra Seeds 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training and will be offering here at MettaCasa beginning this Fall.



Cynthia Bearison has been studying yoga for over 20 years. She is a 200 hour certified yoga instructor and a registered member of Yoga Alliance. Cynthia has obtained certifications in Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Chair Yoga and Reiki, as well as a certification as a Therapeutic Yoga Instructor. She has a love of teaching gentle yoga and meditation, inviting students to find what works for their personal journey, always utilizing a trauma sensitive lens. Her overall approach is focused on creating a safe and accessible environment for all.  She will utilize the healing aspects of yoga & meditation and encourage a deep awareness of the mind/body connection.

Additionally, Cynthia has also completed a teacher-training program for children, with a concentration in children with special needs and children with anxiety. She is honored to be able to offer tools they can utilize throughout their lives.


Cynthia is also involved with Exhale to Inhale, an organization that provides weekly yoga classes to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.