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Class Levels

Each of our classes will be designated a level from the list below. If your schedule does not allow you to practice at the level you need, please join in where you can and let the instructor know where you are at so that he/she can support you. It is possible that other students also need a class added here or there and we will gladly accommodate.

We highly recommend having supportive props on standby to enrich your practice further regardless of your level of practice. Blocks, blankets, straps or the equivalent go a long way to creating a stronger practice.  Additionally, if you are practicing at home, it is nice to have a clear wall or door in the event you could benefit from the support during a balance or inversion pose. 

Level 1

In Level 1, we begin to explore the Sun Salutations and Basic postures. Much time is spent learning the fundamentals and proper alignment of Downward Facing Dog, Plank and Chaturanga. We keep the pace slow so we can spend time properly aligning the standing poses. Absolute beginners start here! Should you have an experienced practice, please note that you are more than welcome in this class, however; we ask that you stay with the pace of the teacher and class. 

Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations) are explored more deeply, adding in Upward Facing Dog. We step up the pace and difficulty from Level 1, adding in more standing poses and exploring the building blocks that lead to more intricate poses. Backbends go deeper. Hips and shoulders are asked to do more. All levels welcome as this is a multi-level class, feel free to add up or down to the class to get what you need. 

Level 2
Level 3

A vigorous & energetic class for yogis who want to go deeper in their practice. Surya Namaskar B creates a more demanding flow sequence. Inversions, arm balances and intricate poses including deep backbends are explored. Experience is suggested. If you are new to Yoga or are stepping up your practice, please note this class moves quickly and rest should be taken as needed should the instructor not offer rest as often as you might hope for! 


In Restorative class, you relax and renew. Yoga postures are fully supported by props - blocks, blankets, bolsters and straps - so that the body can release. This form of yoga is aimed at the nervous system. It leads us away from the 'fight or 

flight' response and allows the mind-body to 'rest and digest'. We highly suggest having yoga blocks, 1-2 blankets and a strap available, although they are not required. Bolsters or firm pillows are a bonus. If you are at home, soup cans, toilet paper rolls, books, towels and bathrobe sash all work really well! Be creative! Bring yourself & your breath and expect to be refreshed & renewed. This class is highly recommended for all levels of practice at least once a week. 


Yinyasa is the perfect blend of both Yin Yoga and Vinyasa Flow Yoga. In this class, both styles of Yoga are practiced throughout the class leaving you both relaxed & refreshed. Yin Yoga is the exact opposite of Yang (Vinyasa Flow) Yoga. While many of the poses practice during a Yin Yoga class are the same or similar to Yang, the approach and length of time in any given pose is longer and often times modified to make it more accessible to the student. Poses are held from 3-5 minutes offering a safe "stress" on the deeper layers of connective tissues and are mainly practiced either lying down or sitting. There are very few standing poses in a strict Yin class, however; in Yinyasa, you get an even amount of both. The purpose(s) of Yin Yoga vary in the same way the purpose(s) of Yang Yoga vary; muscular release, increased range of motion and flexibility, greater range of breathing capacity and an overall activation of the flow of energy (Prana) in the system - amongst other beneficial opportunities for the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. 

Note: Yin/Yinyasa is (mainly) a Level 2 class.

Kids Program

Our Kids Program extends from very early years all the way through teens and covers many of the Yoga traditions including poses, breathing, meditation and mindfulness. We offer a space that is inviting and welcoming to all children to be able to stretch, breathe and grow.

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